Web Design West Lothian – Business Image

In the modern media world, image is very important, and it is equally important that your business is visible – not just locally, but online!

Is your business visible on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Social Media can help build a strong customer base that goes beyond your local area. We hear again and again that “Facebook is only for children”, that “Twitter is only for people with too much time on their hands”, and “LinkedIn – what is that anyway?” These are, in fact, valuable resources you should be using for your online marketing.

And what about “Google”? If potential clients are looking for your products and services, does your website come up on the first page? If not, you are likely to be losing market share to your competitors.

Testimonial WESLO Housing Organisation

“Nadin is a local photographer that we have used over the past 18 months to provide corporate photographs for use in a variety of publications. It doesn’t matter if she is shooting buildings, the environment or people; she always captures what we are looking for. She is always courteous and professional and has the ability to put everyone at ease. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Margaret Walker, Anne Arnott